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  • Made in USA from 22 gauge galvanized steel
  • Eliminates dishwasher anchoring problems
  • Accommodates virtually any dishwasher
  • Easy installation under any type of counter top
  • Can be installed prior to or after counter top installation
  • Dishwasher does not have to be present at jobsite
  • Won’t damage expensive cabinetry like kits that anchor to sides alone
  • Eliminates return trip by counter top installer to anchor dishwasher
  • Saves time AND money!

Please be aware that the dishwasher brackets available on Amazon’s website are not actual E-Z Dishwasher Brackets™.  Our review has indicated that these brackets are made with thinner materials, supplied with incorrect screws, and/or have a poor finish.  They may also have fewer mounting holes and might not work with all brands of dishwashers.


Construction Ventures is a family owned corporation based in Williamson County, Tennessee. Michael Peay and Sam Moss, the company principals and contractors, have 50+ years of combined experience in the development/building industry. They are very hands-on and are always available for trouble shooting on their jobs. They are constantly looking for new and more efficient ways of doing things.

Throughout the years they have had many problems with getting dishwashers anchored correctly. Problems also occurred if the dishwasher was not on site at the right time. This led Michael to design the E-Z Dishwasher Bracket. The bracket eliminates many of the problems associated with anchoring dishwashers and is great for installation either before or after counter top installation. The feedback from other builders and counter top installers has been very positive. The bracket is easy to install and eliminates callbacks for dishwasher anchoring, which saves time and money.

E-Z DISHWASHER BRACKET™ Installation Video

E-Z DISHWASHER BRACKET™ Installation Sheets

Install Sheet 1

For Installation before placement of counter

Install Sheet 2

For Installation after placement of counter

Install Sheet 2

For Installation with laminate counters

Available Nationally Through

Authorized Retailers

  • Advantage Tools
  • All Granite and Marble Company
  • Braxton-Bragg
  • Casabella
  • Champion Stone & Tool Supply
  • Chemical Concepts, Inc.
  • Coastal Tool Supplies
  • Deep Diamond Tools LLC
  • Direct Stone Tool Supply
  • Domain Industries, Inc.
  • Factory Direct Distributors
  • Global Stone USA, Inc.
  • GMR (NOT GMC) Quality Stone Products, LLC
  • Grani-Tek Stone Tools & Supply
  • Granite City Tool
  • Granite Direct Store
  • GranQuartz
  • Hard Rock Tool, Inc.
  • Horny Toad Tools, Inc.
  • Infinity Diamond Products, Inc.
  • Innovative Tool Solutions
  • Intellistone
  • Legend Stone Products
  • MGM Tooling, Inc.National Saw Company, Inc.
  • NDA Distributors, LLC
  • Omicron Supplies, LLC
  • Pearlman Industries, Inc
  • Performance Abrasives
  • Regent Products, Inc.
  • Rocket Supply LLC
  • Sawcutting Specialties, Inc.
  • Siano Appliance Distributors, Inc.
  • South Stone LLC
  • Stone Boss Industries
  • Stoneway Supply LLC
  • Sync Distribution
  • Titan Tool & Supply Inc.
  • Triton Stone Group
  • Vector Tools
  • Vic International 

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